No, this isn't another version of SimpleWeb, this is an outstanding meme. Check out the LazyWeb wiki page for details, but basically the idea is that you expound your wacky ideas about the web on your blog, then wait for someone else to implement them! Yeah!

I like this. I have lots of ideas that I'll never in a million years get around to implementing. I like the idea that I can guilt-free unload these thoughts onto you, my readers, infect you with my grand plans, and you are thus charged to find the time to put them into action.

Here's my latest LazyWeb idea: A private weblog proxy to watch your surfing habits, but from a weblogging/aggregating point of view. Open a page with a RSS feed, and it'll add the link automatically to an internal DB, ready for you to activate when you want to. It'll aggregate news, watch your habits (visited a page more than a set number of times, and it'll add it to your bookmarks automatically), protect you from advertising, modify bad CSS files and more. It'll be your personal shield from the bad markup of the world wide web...

What do you think, hey? Spectacular, right? Great! Get on it!


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