Cool Links

Found some good stuff tonight - sorry if I've lost the blogs I got them from... I'll add the reference later if I see it again. (Later... ahh found it... Thanks to Codaland.)

RSS 0.92 Reference - very clear and useful. Out of laziness I only implement RSS .91 right now in my webstuff... I need to upgrade to this.

RSS 1.0 Reference - not as good as above, but still pretty informative. Still debating which to support. (Happy Moof? :-p )

Eclipse plugins list - this is great as I'm starting to use Eclipse now. The DB browser and Tomcat integration are cool. Thanks Raible!

Jakarta Commons - There's just so much good stuff in here. It's not exactly new or news, but every time I look I find something I need. HTTPUtils and SequencedHashMap right now. Beautiful.

An Introduction to Object Prevalence - I haven't really groked the whole article yet, but from what I get it looks really good. Today, data persistence for object-oriented systems is an incredibly cumbersome task to deal with when building many kinds of applications... One solution to this problem is object prevalence. Interesting... in 350 lines of code I can get better performance and easier maintainability than something like Torque or Castor? Yeah, baby. That's for me.


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