Number 2 and Page 13

I was really bummed a while ago when I was beat out to get the domain name. I depended on's preregistration and they screwed me over - I was awake when registration first opened and could have registered it instantly, but thought they would take care of it, and didn't. It was registered at like 4 p.m. that day. Ugh.

However, thanks to blogging, I'm now #2 in Google's rankings for "Beattie" which may be just as good. And my rankings for "Russell" went from page 33 to page 13 in just the past month.

If I understand the page rank mechanism correctly, these could go even higher if I had static URLs... thus increasing the number of pages on my site and upping my rankings that way.

Freakin' Resin won't let me do that right now. Uuuurrrgghhh!!!


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