Ron Lusk caught me stealin' his HTML. Heehee. I'm bad I know. I do this a lot actually... my MiniBlog code doesn't have a wysiwyg editor yet, so if I can I copy html to save myself some typing I just go for it.

Sorry about the lack of reference Ron, I actually had seen the post I stole earlier on Victor's blog - he's using my MiniBlog code too - and was thinking I needed to post it, then I saw your post all neat and clean and formatted already and thought "Ooh, I'll take that, thanks" and so I quickly viewed source, cut and pasted... I didn't think I was going to get caught. ;-)

You can't get away with much while blogging, can you? :-) Actually, I'm glad you wrote that because for some reason you're in my Blogs Tab-bookmarks on my mozilla, but not in my blogroll... adding now.


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