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Okay, so "Bliki" and "Wiblog" didn't stick. WikiBlog is fine, but man, look at that word, what a weird-ass word. It'll scare the suits and my Mom (not that my suggestions wouldn't either). What's a good word or phrase that can capture the idea of wikis and blogs without being "weird"? This is sort of like curiouser's search for a better term for klogs.

Anyways, Dave has an awesome post about wikiblogs with a bunch of cool links to resources. Nice Dave, thanks!

Just to note, I haven't integrated the weblog into the SimpleWeb stuff just yet, I'm waiting to work out the problems on Simpleface before... I've already found some bugaboos that I'm going to fix. If you haven't already, check out, I've already started noting cool links of interest for UI and posted a bit about the future dev of the site. I'll put it into SimpleWeb asap, though, becuase it'll be useful to someone for sure.

I'll write one concept here though - It makes sense to me to that new posts will be posted on the front page as a weblog - that way people are always aware of the latest and greatest. But what happens when you edit a page - say "favorite links" or something like that? Well, that should go on the side to "recent changes". This gives the user an idea of both the new and the changing bits of the site. As I'm examining the wikiblog concept a bit more, I'm realizing - as Dave said when he talked about the full-screen calendars - that a weblog is just one "view" to the data. Recent changes are another.

I started development years ago with Lotus Notes, and I'm either falling back to what I know best, or am rediscovering something which Ozzie knew over a decade ago - a lot of really good info can be stored in a simple data store: Title, body, date, author. Think of your email. How much stuff is in there? And how complicated are the fields? Not very...

Each post in a blog is the same as a Note in Notes. That's what they are really... notes. Maybe that answers my question... Does "WebNotes" sound good?


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