Around the world we go

It's 2 a.m. here and I'm about to go to bed. I got home from work WAAAY late tonight and have a meeting waaay too early tomorrow.

Usually, around the time I'm ready to go to bed, Mike in Australia gets around to putting his first thoughts online. I can usually catch his first post or two before I hit the hay...

It seems like Mike usually posts in the morning and then goes quiet for the rest of the day, so when I get up in 6 hours or so and get to work, there's usually a bunch of stuff waiting for me, until he posts again in my afternoon, right before he goes to sleep.

Why am I singling out the rebel's posts? Only to show how wacky it is to be able to detect someone's habits from half a world away... Goodnight all... Good morning Mike.


The next morning... Mike said I was pretty accurate... heehee. Good, I was thinking that I'd catch him on a day when he has a meeting or something. ;-) It's becoming almost habit to check the Aussie's blogs before I go to bed. Desktop Fishbowl too...

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