Around the World Game

I was thinking last night before I went to bed that you can make a sort of game from leaving messages for people on your blog. Let's call it the Around the World game.

I leave a message for someone - probably one of my referrers, that person then copies that message and puts it on their blog for someone else to read - purposefully choosing someone I don't know. The messages always has a link to the blog it's meant for and the blog it's from.

Now, this continues for a while, and suddenly I see a message for me on another blog I read a lot. Cool. Now I should be able to back-track, following the links to the original source (maybe me). It's like a combination of a chain-letter and a doubly-linked list. There's always a pointer to and from.

Let's try it out... it's a recursive post, so I need to submit this and then edit it for the full effect, but you'll see what I'm doing in a second.

ForwardTo: Jim Hughes
By: Russell Beattie
From: Russell Beattie
This is an Around the World Message. Copy this text onto your blog and leave this message for someone else. Eventually you'll read a blog someday and there will be a message for you and you might be able to "follow" the links back around the world! Cool hey?

Let's see how this works...


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