Wysiwyg Editor

Fernando just emailed me with this info on some Flash Wysiwyg editors that are starting to be developed:


I just found some great examples of HTML edit controls made in Flash MX and I thought it would be intresting for the Wiki stuff. If I remember it right you mentioned you we're looking for something like an advanced editor for HTML.

I think this can be adapted to meet your needs and integrate it with the HTML/JSP/JavaScript of the Wiki...

I found it at Jeremy Allaire's Weblog.

Saludos, Fernando

That's cool. A wysiwyg editor would be nice... but I refuse to use Flash. I've decided that flashing logos and window popups and all the other crap that Flash-adverts do on the web weren't worth it and ripped the dlls out of my Mozilla plug-ins folder. If I need to see something in flash (like to see the above links) I just start up IE - in all it's pop-up-window glory... I can't believe how bad it's gotten - and use that to see the flash site and then go back to Moz.

The reason I bought the Core Swing Advanced Programming book the other day was exactly for this reason. It's got a few really large, detailed chapters dedicated to the HTML Edit control in Swing. I'm going to see if I can whip up a simple applet that uses the Java plug in for the wysiwyg editor. The idea is to create a basic Edit window with all the functionality exposed as an API, so that people can customize the buttons and tool bars as they want and calle the api via JavaScript (or is it called LiveScript when you interact with an Applet... or is that old? I don't know).

It's in my ever-growing list of things to do. Along with my Linux, blog dev, Java certification and general world-saving activities.


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