MiniBlog iCal

After playing around with VMWare for a while and finally giving up, I decided to do something fun for for the evening... so I created a quick dynamic iCal calendar file for my weblog! Now that I've got Mozilla and can test it, it was worth trying out. (Yeah, I know the Moveable Type guys beat me to it...).

Here's a link to my iCal file dynamically generated from my weblog database. Woohoo. I love this stuff... Expect this not to work. And if it does, it's because the iCal/MozCal guys were VERY forgiving.

I started to see if I could actually pay attention to the spec but decided that playing like this wasn't really worth it, so I winged it. Someone with a Mac tell me if you can even see the posts. I'm not doing what I should be doing with the DESCRIPTION field. It should be broken up into 75-character lines and stripped of bad characters and ended with CRLF. Yeah... I'll get right on it.

Way too late... I should have started this hours ago instead of 10 minutes before I'm ready to go to bed...


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