Playing with my CSS

I was inspired by Jeremy's blog cleanup, so I decided to do some of my own. First I want to get Scott, the fontbitch, off my back and change to relative-sized fonts, and I also want to just clean some weird things in general.

Stay tuned - it SHOULD look exactly the same when I'm done...


Okay, so I returned to Georgia as my main font. I like it... I find it much more readable than verdana and it matches the rest of my site which doesn't use much CSS, so it's easier to change this page instead. ;-) . Please tell me what YOU think - I've gotten a complaint before about Georgia, but I'm not sure who from. The second font is Times New Roman, so it should degrade nicely... . The whole page is also about 15% bigger than it was before on purpose so that people don't have to squint. Thanks to Jeremy for a nice example on how to use relative fonts... I used many of his ideas (since we're both using Moveable Type styles, it was pretty easy to match up).

And even later still... I finally got a chance to add Cookies to the comments so people don't have to always type in their info if they've typed it in before. I've also wacked HTML tags and added auto-paragraphs (if you skip a line... I'm not a regex master, so that's all I can get working).

Scratch this stuff of my to-do list. Woohoo!


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