The battle

Okay, so I finally have .html URLs on this blog. Thank god. The way I had to do it is ugly as sin... I'm redirecting queries to the default /notebook/ directory to /notebook/read/ which has a servlet-mapping of * which passes the request to my servlet. I then have to analyze the URL from the servlet, parse and pass the parameters BACK to a copy of the index.jsp page that was there before. All of the URLs need to be adjusted because the /read/* matches ALL requests, including images and styles... so everything is just thrown in. Unlike in my other sub projects I couldn't just say "match *.html" and adjust from there (much easier), so I had to do this massive, horrible work-around.

Ugh. It's UGLY right now. Freakin' Resin sucks - I've been battling with that server for 3 or 4 days and ALL night tonight. I was determined NOT to go to bed until it was done.

Please send me bug reports if you see them...

Here's a question. If I have that redirect on the main directory /notebook/ will Google pick that up and look under the read virtual directory? Maybe I need a few links to prime the Google pump. Hmmm.


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