Good morning... I'm finally here at work. It's "not summer" here in Madrid any more which means it's grey, cold and raining. This means it's a pretty miserable morning all around - traffic was really bad.

Some great people left me comments with bug reports on the new URLs - they're not working perfectly. For some reason the time-zone bug is biting me in the behind again. I'll have to take a look at it when I get home tonight. I'm not sure about the referrers... it may be that people need to use the new url including the /read/ part (which I don't want).

Late last night while I was banging my head against the virtual wall of Resin (change the xml config, reboot, test. repeat.) I received this comment which did exactly what it said, cheered me up:


I can see you're struggling with the code right now; maybe this will cheer you up -- I managed to run MiniBlog practically out-of-the-box on www.mycgiserver.com! And there are certain limitations in deployment there, as they're a free JSP hosting provider.

That's where MiniBlog's power lies, namely in "mini" ;-)

Still not having thought of all consequences, I'm beginning to think of setting up MiniBlog as my primary blog :-)))

Posted by Greg

Very nice! I didn't know about mycgiserver.com... that's good to know. Also, if you check out my comments section from my last post, you'll see some good advice from Blogging Ecosystem's Phillip Pearson.

As long as you use 301 ('Moved permanently') redirects, Google will figure everything out just fine.

Hmmm... I'm using a meta-tag on a static HTML page (that way it comes up before my original index.jsp page which I haven't changed). Is that the same? Does Google like those?

GOD knows why the timezone is screwed up again. I'll have to take a look at it. I may have erased some important bug fixes last night... I cut corners the other night and made some changes on my code on the server, thinking I would copy it locally at some point... but then I forgot and went back to my habit of editing locally and copying the files up. Doh! My bad... cutting corners is bad. Editing on the server (thus not having a local copy) is bad. Damn Ultraedit for making FTP editing so easy...


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