Atkins Redux


That's me doing something really stupid during the Summer of 1998 while I was backpacking around Europe. This was near the end of my trip and I was in Switzerland, so I decided to go bungie jumping. 180 meters/592ft up... Pretty dumb. AMAZINGLY dumb, actually.

Anyways, the reason I'm including that foto is that it is the last time I remember weighing 96 kilos. I remember quite vividly the large number they wrote onto the back of my hand with black-marker - probably so they know what size casket to use, though they say it's to measure the elastic rope.

This morning I woke up, and even though I've been sorta slacking on the Atkins, I'm weighing in at just over 96kg. WOohoo! The only bad thing is this morning I also woke up at like 5 a.m. with a horrible muscle cramp in my right calf! OWWWW! It still hurts. It's not the first time, just the worst... I'm taking vitamins, but it seems I need some more potasium in my system, so I'm I've started adding some fruit to my daily intake. Also, I went to the gym last night again, so it's also a sign that I need to stretch REALLY well.

It seems my diet is starting to give other webloggers ideas too. Ugo and his wife are starting, though eggs and bacon are an odd breakfast to him since he's Italian. The rebel thinks the idea is intriguing but can't fathom going without carbos. But Gerhard thinks he's got the secret about where all my kilos are going... I'm sending them all to him! He seems to be gaining as much as I'm losing. Oh-oh! Time to cut out those sweets Gerhard! ;-)

As for me, I ate like crap last week and was hungry a lot... so I finally broke down on Friday and had a Whopper and a chicken-fajita-thing to go with it (no fries). I ended up dropping out of Ketosis for a couple days, but MAN was it good. So is the fruit... I've started eating a piece of fruit a day to help the muscle-cramps and WOW it's like candy now that I'm not eating any refined sugars. That's a really pleasant surprise.

One last thing, Doc reported on his progress the other day and included a neat link that I hadn't seen before: It seems to be a Canadian site, but don't let that deter you.


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