Grungy Gooey Grist

Peter Drayton has returned to blogging after a break...

OK, I'll allow myself one meta-blog to explain the hiatus. Blogging is fun & addictive & all that, but when done on a daily basis it tends to be highly self-referential. Maintaining a high signal/noise ratio with daily blogging is hard, and over the last month I've been so wrapped up in CLR research (for my book, among other things) that I didn't feel I had time to do blogging justice. In any event, I've had a extraordinarily absorptive month, and I plan on sharing my reading list over the next few days on the off-chance that it might be interesting to other people interested in low-level CLR goo. In addition, there have been lots of fascinating developments in the CLR & language space in the last 30 days, so I now have some grist for my blogging mill... :-)

Nice... it'll be good to see exactly what sort of evil MS is brewing. Simon says it best:

I look forward to seeing what grungy internals goo he's dug up.

Heehee. Grungy Gooey Grist == CLR. Too bad these two brains are on the dark side of the technology fence. ;-)


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