New Stuff

Thinlets has been updated and released as LGPL. Nice! Swing is such a pain to work with, this will be very handy to have around for quick GUI apps. If only Luxor had the same license.

Rusty Harold (why would anyone choose to call himself Rusty? I saw Rusty speak at a SF JUG meeting once and I don't remember him being a red head so... and god I hate that name... but I digress...). ANYWAYS, Rusty has just launched XOM.

Last night at the New York XML SIG meeting, I unveiled XOM, a new XML Object Model for Java published under the LGPL. Like DOM, JDOM, dom4j, and ElectricXML, XOM is a read/write API that represents XML documents as trees of nodes. Where XOM diverges from these models is that it strives for absolute correctness and maximum simplicity. XOM is based on more than two years' experience with JDOM development, as well as the last year's effort writingProcessing XML with Java. While documenting the various APIs I found lots of things to like and not like about all the APIs, and XOM is my effort to synthesize the best features of the existing APIs while eliminating the worst. It's closest in spirit to JDOM. I had originally intended to fork JDOM, but it rapidly became apparent that very little actual JDOM code would be left when I was done and that starting from scratch would give me a flexibility I wouldn't have by using the existing JDOM code base.

Very interesting. Read the rest of Cafe au lait for some more interesting stuff about the new project. I'll have to give it a whirl, but I will say that I'm a pretty die-hard JDOM fan already.


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