Erik's Weblog: Russell's rss feed is broken, and his email address is bouncing. I guess he's incommunicado.

Thanks Erik. I'm not sure WHAT the hell happened this morning. I'll check my RSS feed right now, I'm not sure what's broken - probably some stray tag that snuck through into the XML...

My email's back up, however my hosting server pinpointed the problem to my SpamAssasin setup. NOOOOO!!! I'm not sure if I can live without it... I'm going to have to look into the new version of Mozilla Mail with the Spam filtering.

How's this for a lovely example of tech-support... a one line reply to my help-desk ticket, 5 hours later: "It appears that you had spamassassin enabled. I have went ahead and disabled it, you should now be able to receive your email." Okay... AND?!?!?? It's not like this option on my control panel hasn't been chosen for the past 7 months!! Thanks for getting my mail back, but uh, hey? What about my freakin' Spam filtering?

Gotta love when people do the minimum possible at their jobs.


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