Was I REALLY that fat?

Woke up this morning and realized some of the effects of losing 9kg/20lbs:

1. My boxers are way too loose. I'm walking around the house with half my butt showing. I can't figure out whether they were stretched out by my former fat-ass, or maybe I bought them that way. Needless to say, I need do something about this.

2. My "small" pants fit without pain. Also, a correlary, I'm using 1 or 2 holes less in my belt, but that means the stretched out ugly hole I was using before is more visible. I may need a new belt.

3. My wedding ring is slipping off. This is the one that most worries me. It almost slipped off in the shower and again later when I was putting on aftershave... Doh! I may need to put some tape on the bottom of the ring or bend it or something (I guess I could resize it, but who knows if I'll baloon up again tomorrow).

4. My back hurts. I've just started to realize how bad my posture has been while working at the computer. I slouch badly. What that used to mean was that I was putting my weight on my paunch, but now that the paunch is disappearing, that means I'm putting a lot more stress on my back! And it hurts! Between the shoulderblades on the right side (my mouse hand). For a week I was thinking I had slept wrong and was trying to "stretch it out" thus aggravating it more, but now I think I understand what the deal is. I've got to straighten up!

That's it for now... there's some other things I can't remember right now, but see? Losing weight isn't perfect. ;-)


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