Reconsidering John

Oh-oh. I was getting excited about my pending move to JohnCompanies hosting - they sent me a note saying their new Linux service would probably be up on Wednesday. However, I just ran across this post on 0xDECAFBAD from a few days ago:

I like JohnCompanies servers Oh, and a quick thing I feel compelled to share: JohnCompanies is the best hosting I've had so far since I started this domain. I have yet to move everything over to it, but I'm so very impressed at the notices I've been getting. There were two brief outages recently, one planned and one not planned, but the important bit is that I received email telling me about them and what happened before I was even aware there was a situation.I like that.Update: Shawn Yeager commented that the outage wasn't really all that brief - 9 hours in fact. So... well, that does suck. Personally, I didn't suffer from it, having yet to completely rely on them. I do, still, enjoy having gotten the email. :)

And I followed the post over to Shawn's page and he wasn't happy at all... Oh-oh. But there is a thread on Kuro5hin where John explains....


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