I was just checking out the new Google news page, which is quite nice and I noticed a few interesting things...

First, I think the news is localized since I just saw a news item about Real Madrid featured in the sports section. I'm not sure if that's an international thing, but do you guys in the States see a lot of international sports news instead of local stuff? I mean, I would assume that that Google Sports News for the U.S. will be filled with baseball playoff and NFL/college football news. But instead, I'm getting RealMadrid stuff and crap about the "Wismilak International"... The WHAT?

Secondly, using the search feature sorted by date is going to make a kick-ass news aggregator for specific subjects. Check out this Java news search. Very nice, hey? (Hmmm... looks like IBM just launched Websphere Studio 5.0...). This is really cool. Does anyone know if the news is part of their web services api yet? This would be nicer than Moreover to put on the front page of my blog...

Finally, did you notice this quote at the bottom of the page?

This page was generated entirely by computer algorithms without human editors.
No humans were harmed or even used in the creation of this page.

Very amusing.


Later... It doesn't look like Google has a Spanish version of the news which is too bad. But hey, They're looking for Java programmers! Wouldn't that be nice! Looks who's kicking himself for not sending his resume over in 1999 when the main perk was the full-time chef...

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