So many weblogs...

I've been a bit remiss in my duties to spread the link love around to those blogs I read on a daily basis. See that list on the left? That's what I read. Every day. Several times a day. You could say I'm pretty addicted. Today I'm starting work in earnest on a news aggregator because I'm losing my mind trying to keep up with it, even using Mozilla's cool-ass tab-bookmarks feature. (Side-note, the only problem with that great feature is if you click it by accident, there's no way to STOP those 30 links from coming up!)

First, if you happen to speak Spanish, you definitely have to check out Pedro Jorge's blog. He always has something interesting to say about technology or culture or one of the many many books he reads. Voracious reader would be a good description, I think. I would post to him more often, but I know that the majority of the people reading this blog only speak English, so I don't as much as I should. His last post is about a book he's reading now, "Arte y belleza en la est�tica medieval" ("Art and Beauty in the Middle Ages") by Umberto Eco and how it compares to computers:

Y al leerlo no he podido evitar pensar en la inform�tica. S�, la inform�tica es un estudio formal como lo pueda ser la f�sica, pero tambi�n es una aplicaci�n pr�ctica en la que a veces no cuenta tanto la teor�a como la experiencia. Sin embargo, a veces se oyen declaraciones que reclaman la inform�tica como uno s�lo de los aspectos, normalmente el puramente formal. Y siendo m�s concretos, �no suena un poco a la creaci�n del software? Se tiende a destacar mucho el modelo y la construcci�n te�rica, y a veces da la impresi�n de que se deja de lado, como una cuesti�n menor sin demasiado inter�s, la implementaci�n concreta del dise�o, incluso en ocasiones refiri�ndose a ella, intentando ser despectivos, como "fontaner�a".

I'm being lazy, so I'll leave the translation as an exercise to the reader, or a bonus for those of you who happen to read Spanish. ;-)

I've also started seeing a bunch of new blogs and links in my comments that I've started adding to my daily readings. I'm going to have to start cutting some of those blogs on the left that only update rarely... I'm only interested in constant flow of information and dedicated (addicted) bloggers!

Crap it's late and I need to shower/shave... but I'm adding to this post later. Stay tuned.

Later... Yep. That's what I did... and then left the house with my wife and kid until about 9 p.m. I'll continue this on another post.


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