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Raible has a question:

Eclipse Tabs? OK Russ - I give up. How did you create tabbed bookmarks (Mozilla style eh?) in Eclipse? Is it a Windows only thing? I can't seem to figure it out on my Mac.

Ooof. I have NO idea if it's the same on a Mac, but one would assume it's the same since that's the whole idea about Eclipse. When you open a view (Windows -> Show View -> Whatever), grab its title bar and drag it to the bottom. When you get close to the bottom edge, your pointer should turn into a dark arrow pointing down. Release the window and it'll dock at the bottom. Now, open another view and drag it down, this time just on top of the other window, your pointer should turn into an icon of tabbed folders, release the window and it'll turn into another tab on top of that window.

Someone verify this is true on a Mac for me...

Raible - you need an "about" page. I have no idea if Raible is your first name or your last name or a nick name or what. Your contact page is a bit generic... I wasn't really sure if you were going to get the email right away since it goes to "info"... Also a comments feature would be very nice. Are you using Roller? Dave! Get on it! ;-)


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