If you're bloggin' you ain't workin'

And that's me right now... so I'm going to get to it. The in-laws are up in the city for a bit and they just left. The kid's on his new schedule, so he's in the crib (we're listening to him talk to himself as he falls asleep right now on the monitor).


If you're looking for some icons, there's the "standard" Java icons. and then there's the amazing Gnome ones by Jakub Steiner. Kick-ass.

Please god, someone post to Simpleface.org besides me.

There's a nice Swing tutorial on Sun's site. I wish I could learn better via a web page, but I think it's just practice as always. Eventually I'll learn how to learn online. Until then, I just ordered The Weblogic Server Bible from Amazon.co.uk in preparation for my new job. I saw a decent review of it on Slashdot (without many negative thoughts in the comments) so I decided to get it to help me grok Weblogic.

There are three states of understanding for me: Bewilderment, Familiarity and Groked. The last being total understanding... it's from a book somewhere that I never read, but I like the term.

Man, Raible (who's Matt to no one except his mother it seems) has a nice bandwidth. I only was able to download Redhat 8.0 disc 1 last night. I was thinking MAYBE it'd be done before I went to bed which is why I started it early, but nope. So that's why I'm not starting downloading tonight until just before I go to bed. Disc 2 tonight and Disc 3 on Wednesday evening... I'll be ready to play with Redhat by next weekend. :-) (Maybe Jeremy's mirror will help a bit... )

Is it just me, or is Charles preaching to the choir? I love OrionServer. It kicks ass... but no one I've ever applied with has said to me that it was a good thing I knew about it. Right now JBoss doesn't pay the bills. It'll be a while yet before it does.

Jeff's talking to me, I can tell:

My biggest problem is that it is all talk. No code makes for a very dead open source project. I learned this the hard way with FreeBuilder. All I did on that project flap my trap. If I had instead focused on code, there might have been a much different outcome. Worst case, I would have much better Swing Java skills.

Damn, alright! Alright... I'm getting off my ass RIGHT NOW. Hot code coming your way (which is where the title of this post came from. I'm typing as fast as I possibly can to get back to coding).

Here's a good example of just that. Henri just published his personal code library - very nice. I downloaded another Java blogger's personal library the other day too. Who's was it? Now I can't find it... urgh! It had a Splash-screen I thought was useful...

Is anyone paying attention to O'Reilly's Mac Conference? Seems like lots of good stuff... wish I was 1) There 2) A Mac owner. (Oh, hey... it looks like Jeremy is blogging it. Rock on! Hey, speaking of O'Reilly - the new Safari was launched and it's as good as their email said it was going to be. I'm psyched... going to use it a lot more now.

Greg's wondering why I dislike Canadians. Because they suck? (I'm sure I've ranted before about Canadians and other English speakers on this blog before... you can do a search on it. No reason to rant again until I'm really into it).

Hey! I like Greg's yet-to-arrive new computer... I want one! But how much? I couldn't find any prices on that site...

Kief says he's still an expat. Yeah. Right. Pah! (Oh, and his wife is from Turkey! I was assuming a bit too much from one of his posts... Sorry Kief!)

Jabber's got a new website and logo... hmmm. All these "J" references are going to mess me up. (via Raible).

Niel's got another PersonalBlog user! Yeah! I've been meaning to help Niel out getting his source code onto SoureForge. It's a PITA... you have to get SSH set up with your CVS and on Windows, that can be a challenge. Ugh.

Whew. Done. Like 1/2 hour... could've been worse.


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