OSCache Rocks...

After so much frustration and pain in the past couple days, I decided I needed to do something productive today. Earlier today I read someone's review (link tomorrow... it's almost 4 a.m. here ;-) ) about OpenSymphony's OSCache and after checking out the project page, I thought to myself "Wow... that's really easy."

Since MiniBlog is one big-ass JSP page, this took all of 30 seconds to test out and implement. Resin didn't even give me any problems! Wow. Right now it's set on the defaults with the date as the "key" and is set to refresh the cache when I edit and since it's application scope, it should refresh the whole cache. Works like a charm so far! Gotta love stuff that Just Works.

This should help the slow page refresh times from the dozen raw SQL queries that happen every time someone loads the page. ;-) Tomorrow I'll slap it on the rss.jsp page too...



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