My New Job

So I'm pretty happy at my new job. I'm working for the IT department of Adecco - a corporate staffing agency like Manpower. It's a truly international project, a candidate testing/training system served via the web serving 50+ countries. It's 100% J2EE and has been up for about a year now, but is just starting to get to that second important stage of usage: i.e. it just rolled out in the U.S. last week.

The technical guys here really have a clue so the technology we're using is both interesting and definitely resume-enhancing. Weblogic (all J2EE but w/o Entity Beans mostly), JMS, Struts, DB-object persistance (right now using Toplink but soon to use some JDO-based tech), JUnit, TogetherJ and code based on proven J2EE design patterns when possible. I'm going through everything right now and though it has some rough spots where the original consultants were clueless, the guys now are on the ball. All this should definitely be very fun to work with - it'll be nice to have a chance to stop playing with some of this tech and to really use it in anger.

I'll rant on ATG Dynamo - which I was using at my last project - later... for now, just note that I'm so happy to be working on a real project in production with a real utility and purpose (my last project was a portal-type thing) using technology that Doesn't Suck and so far there's no consultants in site. This is all good.


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