Had I only known...

LOL... I can laugh about this now.

I'm finally getting a chance to seriously check out my blogroll (it's midnight here and very quiet. Sooo nice.) I just saw some good thoughts on Phillip Pearson's Second Post with a great link to WebHostingRatings.com where everyone is bitching about CWI and they all sound eerily familiar:

1. they've closed my account without any prior notification, i found out about it when my mail started bouncing.
2. i havent gotten a single reply from billing or customer support concerning this issue
3. emailing directly to their CEO, Mr. Marcus N. Barnes only got their attention, and they guy only tried to prove how stupid and wrong i am instead of helping me to resolve the issue.


Stay away!! CWI Hosting pulled the plug on my web site completely without warning or explanation. It took a long run-around with customer service to discover that they were claiming that my site was using an excessive amount of system resources.


My CWI Hosting plan claims to have 1.2 gb of web space and 30 GB of transfer along with a host of other features such as MySQL databases and mailing lists. However, long before you come close to using those resources, they turn off your account with NO WARNING saying you have violated their "20% of resources" clause.

Because there is no warning, you have no chance to check their stats to see if there is any validity to their claims. One day you have a web site and an email account and the next day you don't.

When you attempt to contact them, they don't respond, they put you on hold, they don't know what is going on (typical quote "I guess your account was suspended" and "there is nothing here about your account being suspended") and you have to communicate directly with their "CTO" who tells you it's all your fault, they did nothing wrong and if you don't like it you can get someone else to host your web site.

I think I will.

Yep. I knew I wasn't nuts...


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