Do you see my stylesheet? For some reason Mozilla is refusing to display it for me! Weird.

Crap, I need to up the session timeout on Orion... it's like 10 minutes or something. I can't hardly finish a post without having to re-login.

Mark Twain said this about Experience: "A cat who sits on a hot stove, won't sit on one again. He won't sit on a cold one either." This is why I'm suddenly pausing to re-implement OSCache on my Blog. Fear of previous experience.

Back to that Tom Peters presentation: It's easy to learn, it's hard to FORGET!

Though honestly, I'm not sure if I need OSCache now... does the site seem a lot faster to you? It does to me...


Later... A couple comments on this. Thanks guys, I can see my style sheet now. It wasn't a server-side Mime-type problem (that was my first guess) but a good ol' fashioned cacheing problem in Mozilla. I wacked my caches and everything's coming up fine now.)

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