Tutorial on EJB Development using XDoclet

Via EJB-SIG again:

Rick Hightower, author of many Java books, has published a tutorial on using XDoclet for EJB development. This tutorial is based on an earlier tutorial on EJB CMP/CMR and EJB QL that runs on JBoss, WebLogic and Sun's RI. Unlike the earlier one, the new tutorial is geared towards Resin EE and XDoclet. If you want background information on EJB CMP/CMR and EJB QL, I suggest you read the above tutorial and some of its referenced material.

Very nice, I'll have to go through this. I'm still not comfortable doing my development with an IDE, so I think XDoclets will be the way for me. I really like the @tags as a development enhancer like in JWS. It makes perfect sense to me.


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