Enterprise Java on OSX

I was just reading the Z-OpenX blog and saw a link to this J2EE article on Apple's Developer Connection about getting JBoss/Jetty up and running and a simple J2EE app deployed. Pretty neat, lots of good links even if you're not a Mac head. Apple actually has a lot of good info on that site and getting more all the time, I'm signed up to the mailing list even though I don't own a Mac (just wishing I did).

Okay, I promise this isn't going to become the J2EE blog, but you know, I've just started that new job and where most people would be outside or something on their weekend, I'm developing and going over J2EE in detail. I love having the incentive to learn all this stuff. Like Brett, I always seemed to have landed in projects that used only jsp/servlet programming (even if they were using a J2EE server) that only touched on the other layers lightly. Now that I'm on a full-fledged J2EE project, I'm getting that chance to get into the meat.


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