J2EE Thoughts Redux

Rickard responded to my J2EE Thoughts:

Amen to that. Let's see, in our AOP framework I am mentioning each field.. hm... let's se... uhm, once. In the bean. The interface is generated, but I guess that could be seen as another instance (i.e. code generation is cheating). I can use the object directly in my JSPs/servlets (read-committed optimistic tx's so I get copies). I can use the objects directly on the client. The objects are stored in an object database, so no mappings necessary.

This sounds great, but Aspect Oriented Programming bewilders me like Astrophysics does. Or actually maybe closer to Metaphysics. I just don't get it. I mean, it sounds cool, but from what I've read so far it seems that you have to wrap your mind into a pretzel to understand and implement it. Help me out with this... talk to me REALLY SLOWLY. I'm really interested, but why should AOP get past the crap filter (as mentioned below)? Can I use it tomorrow at work? Will it be maintainable code?


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