Pure Evil At Work

Okay, so I'm at work now and I can't use Mozilla. The reason is that this company is actually 99.99% Microsoft. From what I understand, the project I'm working on is basically the only high-profile Java project in the company. That means the IT infrastructure holds a dim view of anything not created by the devil.

So... being pure MS, the system admins of course are Nazis and as soon as you log into the domain, many of your default settings are immediately replaced with what the IS dept thinks is good for you. (Which means I try not to reboot.) Additionally, and what bugs me most, is I can't use Moz. The firewall is password protected via NT Authentication... which means only Internet Exploder functions here at work and Jabber, AOL, Yahoo, etc. don't work at all.

Does ANYONE know of a local proxy that will authenticate me with the firewall via NT Auth? Help me punch a pinhole in the borg.


... ooh... I just found the NTLM Authorization Proxy Server and it works like a charm on Moz! Yeah... now I've got to find a IM client that'll go over http, Yahoo doesn't seem to like it so far.

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