Party like it's 1993

Wow... I am really surprised at the number of responses I got on other people's blogs about what they were doing in 1993. Very neat - it's great to get to know all of you a little better. (Though I'm starting to feel a little old and undereducated...).

David: "That's the year that my short stint as an independent GIS consultant came to an end. In December 1992, my wife Andi and I returned from our year and a half in Jamaica where I had been working as a GRASS GIS consultant. We moved to my hometown Chapel Hill, NC..."

Anthony: "1993 I was still in high school. I was surfing as much as possible (7 days a week when I could). I was working at a fast food stand in the local mall. I was having a very good time."

Gerhard: "hmmm 1993 I was around 16 years old, ok let's do some brainstorming: trying to get a girlfriend (sex). trying to get a girlfriend (sex). trying to get a girlfriend (sex). got the first girlfriend (no sex)."

Matti: "It was my second year of college and about this time (that year), I'd just finished driving my 1969 VW Bug from Salem (Oregon) to Denver. I'd rebuilt the engine right before I left Oregon, and my first 500 "wear-in" miles were on the road. Definitely not a good idea."

Darren: "Hmm. Finished my A-levels, turned 18, bought my first car, started my degree in Chemical Engineering. Discovered the internet. Drunk (and drank) a lot. ... I just realised I can still remember the first ftp site I ever accessed."

Jason: "Hmmm... lets see... in 1993 I would have been in my second year at Rice, studying Physics... I got out of High School ayear early... in '93 I would have been 19, and I was disillusioned with becoming a scientist. I became a stoner, working at the college radio station ... I finally ended up, 3+ years later, with a BFA in fine art photography from the University of Georgia. Now look what I do.... Life's odd, huh?"

Charles: "In 1993, I was going through the first year of Arts/Law (a degree I was destined not to complete) at the University of Western Australia, having finished high-school the year before. I studied (or attempted to avoid studying) Contemporary English Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Contract Law, Criminal Law, and The Legal Process. ... I had not yet discovered the Internet."

Very, very cool responses.


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