AOP Redux

I'm going to try to digest Rickard's layman's explanation of why AOP rocks and then get off the computer. Thanks for the effort Rickard!

J2EE Thoughts Redux : Alright Russ, you asked for it, so here it is. Why AOP Rules. I'm going to try to do this really really slow, but no promises. I get all excited and stuff when I talk about these things. Can't help it. First off, the crap filter thingy. You can kind of use it at work tomorrow, if you use AspectJ or HyperJ or any of the other current packages that does AOP in Java. But, you won't be as kewl as me, no sir. Not even on the same freakin' planet. Yes, AOP does give ya maintainable code. That's a big part of the beauty of it.

There's LOTS more... be sure to check it out.


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