A non-Linux using Linux Advocate

Believe it or not, I recommended Redhat 8.0 a day or so after I accidentally blew away my main hard drive installing it... THAT's how much I like the new version.

The Linux Switch - Redhat 8 vs. Mandrake 9: On the suggestion of Russell Beattie, I downloaded and installed Redhat 8 over the weekend. I finally found time to install it tonight and I'm pleased to report that at least from my cursory review, it appears to equal or exceed Mandrake 9 on all of the points that I care about: painless wireless install, nice desktop defaults, very little work involved. Indeed, I have to give a resounding thumbs up to the folks at Redhat as they seem to have hit it out of the park with most of the desktop work. [DaveWatson.org]

I'm getting close to using Linux. Did I mention I have a real ADSL modem now, but that it has a plug that only works with U.S. voltage? Ana went and bought me a converter today, but the plug didn't fit. The fact that she easily found me one however, gives me hope. I can clip wires if I have to... but we'll see if I can find the proper one this week. Then I can switch from this crappy USB ADSL and over to Linux. Hooray!


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