Check out the Semantic Weblog

I just wanted to give some link love back to Danny Ayers. I've mentioned him before, actually, he's an expat Java-head living in beautiful Northern Italy and has authored parts of Java books I actually own. I read his Semantic Weblog every day and today there was a mention of my Manywhere projects! Danny actually sent me an email last night to tell me that he was interested in seeing how I approached some things because some of the stuff he's working on overlaps.

I responded just now: "My approach is: 'Get it done any way possible'" which is the truth.

By the way, believe it or not (after months and months of procrastinating) I'm working like crazy on my uber-project which I'm going to publish "any day now..." I just had the thought tonight that I don't need to use SourceForge for my CVS stuff... though it does give the code a nice authenticity, it can be a pain to work with (and who knows how long SF will be around). I'm going to set up (and publish anonymous access to) my CVS on my new Linux server in the next few days.


P.S. Of course, if you're reading my words and seeing me LINK to other weblogs... you pretty much know I'm not working. Ahem... and you'll notice that time... I'm a sad little man. (My epitaph will say "He was almost finished...".

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