Tutorials and v5

Erik doesn't run on like some of us Java bloggers, but he has a bunch of good links just about every day (including lots to me. Heh. ;-) He likes the Best of Breed idea or BOB, for short).

Today he responded to the Rebel's request for tutorials with a bunch from his personal favorites. Some are a bit old, but they all seem relevant still.

Some of his other cool links today: Big Blue Busting to Break Out WebSphere V5. and O'Reilly offers Learning Cocoa with Objective-C..

Even though I'm loving Weblogic right now (compared to ATG Dynamo, it's god's gift to Java servers...) but I'm betting on WebSphere for the future. IBM has the right idea and will be around for a long time (unlike Bea). When they launch Lotus Notes as a native J2EE app it's going to rock. Then they'll bundle it... which will be awesome, and I will have gone full circle in tech. I can't wait.


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