Setting up a Java/Linux Box

Jason just signed up for John's Companies:

Hosting Update

So we've signed up for a Linux colo account at John Companies. Pippa actually said this (I think this is why I love her):

"For $45 / month, how can we not?"

Exactly! But that wasn't the response I was expecting...

So anyway, I'm working on getting a free license for Perforce and Jira for opensource projects. That, and figuring out how to set up mail servers, etc. I know Russell just went through this, so I'll have to read through his blogs agsin... I just don't have enough time to learn to be a Linux sys admin... JohnCompanies seems really good about helping us out, though.

Whoa... how did you get that price so low?!?! I just checked the JohnCompanies home page and it says:

** Special Offer: We are offering our standard FreeBSD or Linux collocation package for $45 / month to Open Source Software contributors - please email for information on qualifying for this discounted price.

Are you able to put your home page on the site, or is it just for OSS stuff? Man, ALL my code is online and open source. I'm going to email John for a discount! Crap, the only commerical thing I have on my site is my parent's gift shop page: Hilltop Marketplace. It's not like I can't move that somewhere else...

Anyways, Jason, I'm at work now so I can't telnet, but I'll email you later with a user/password to log into my server and get at my downloads directory. I've already downloaded the JDK, Orion and some utilties that are useful in setting up the server (lynx - you can't download stuff from Sun without a browser usually) so there's no reason to go through that again. Also, you can check out my sendmail stuff and see how I set up the start scripts (for FTP and POP services). I haven't set up Spam Assasin yet though (lazy me) and my Orion start stuff doesn't seem to work right just yet. The other thing I'm going to do soon is get a CVS pserver up and running via SSH... but that's for a Saturday when I'm feeling productive. I'm not a Linux sysadmin either...


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