Oh My God, this is funny...

I mean, you have to be a total geek to enjoy it. My wife came over as I tearing from laughter and saw what I was looking at and said, "huh?"... but seriously. This is beautiful:

This is just f@&ked up...

We found this SQL statement left over from a developer who is no longer here......crazy...

Oh. My. Goodness. I was expecting a few evil lines of code or maybe some sort of nasty insert... This is amazing. If I found that in my code I'd print it out and hang it on the wall. The database gives out an audible groan every time that query hits, I'm positive. God, I've never seen so many left joins in my life. In different queries. Ever.

Beautiful. Thanks Jim!


Later... The reason, by the way, I think this is so great is not that the SQL is particularly horrible (well it is). I just love when I'm going through old code and I find something completely insane and you have to ask yourself 'What the hell was this guy thinking at the time?!?'

It's even better when that's YOUR old code.

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