Manywhere Scrapbook

Want a simple online photo album like mine? Got a java web server? I just posted another project to my Manywhere technical projects website called Scrapbook. It's pretty basic code (like all my stuff) but it does the job.

You can download the code here.

From the Manywhere front page: "The Manywhere Scrapbook is a quick and easy JSP based photo album. It has a command line tool to process your digital images (jpeg only), reducing them and making a thumbnail into its own folder. The JSP then reads those folders as sub sections of your online scrapbook."

Pretty neat huh?


Later... Erik is playing with the code and there's some bugs. In the JSP you need to edit the root folder for now and the idea in general is to plop all your photos in the "originals" folder and name the destination folder which will appear under the /web/photos/ directory. I'm going to play with this tonight to make a little more intuitive. Actually, Erik's sent me some code, so maybe I won't have to do much... Yeah! -r

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