Why I Love Open Source Redux

Friday morning Erik said hello via Instant Message from Washington State. He was trying out the Scrapbook and couldn't get things working. I was a zombie at work due to my cold so I ended up chatting with him for a large part of the day while he was trying out the app... And during the day he sent me a few code fixes. And then today he sent me yet MORE code fixes!


Lots of changes:

- Major clean up (jsp, graphics, layouts, etc.)
- Stylesheet support
- HTML 4 and CSS 2 validated
- Added "home" variable
- Changed "web" directory to "scrapbook"
- Added MakeScrapbook.sh

I think that's about it for the important stuff. I really should have written it down. Oh well... I'm sure you'll quickly figure it out.

I haven't updated the readme. I figured I had to leave you a few things to do. ;-)

Give it a try. I bet you'll like it. I might even consider using it myself. :-P

Keep me posted.


Yeah! How cool is that? I retweaked the code a bit because I think the change from web to scrapbook was a bit confusing (/scrapbook/scrapbook/?) but the rest of the changes are MORE than welcome. So I updated the readme and reposted it on Manywhere. When I get organized, I'm going to post the code (there's not much, but still) to the CVS server too...

If you get a chance, check out Erik's blog and his about page and bio. He's an interesting fellow- born in France, he started working for Apple at 16 and came to the U.S. at 17 (can you imagine?). He's now the Directory of Technology of Imacination Software working on some cool ass Java stuff. He's also an insomniac hacker... every time I've chatted with him so far, it's been insanely early in the morning on the West Coast and he hadn't slept! My type of guy! ;-)

Thanks again for the code Erik!


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