Ekit Unleashed!

I just got this nice email from Howard Kistler, the man behind the awesome Java-based wysiwyg editor EKit:

Hey Russell,

Well, the new Ekit 0.9e release is out, and it's seen the light of the LGPL. Honestly, it's a big relief to be out from under the GPL. It's a great idea, but pretty binding in real life. So if you're still interested in Ekit, it has been unleashed. >:)

Oh, and thanks for the cursor fix! I've been banging my head on that one for a while, as none of the setCursor calls seemed to stick on the editing canvas. It didn't make it into this release, but it will be in the next one.

Let me know if you end up doing anything with Ekit, and good luck on your own projects!

Howard Kistler

Awesome stuff! LGPL is much more friendly to other open licenses like my favorite, the MIT License ("do what you want with the code, but don't sue me.")

Thanks Howard!


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