The Sharp Zaurus Is Amazing

I'm probably one of the last people to actually fondle this thing in person, but I was completely blown away by the Sharp Zaurus this weekend. A little teeny Linux computer running Java programs. I've known about it for the past year or so, but we ran across it while shopping this weekend. Cool beans! The thing is awesome! My wife had to tell me to calm down as I was scaring the clerks.

I had to use my fingernails to type on the keyboard because the keys are so tiny, but still... I was able to get text into that bad boy a hell of a lot faster than with a pen. The screen was pretty great and the UI was totally familiar KDE, but in a good way. I'd be curious to know if using it on a day-to-day basis is as cool as it looked. Fast response... nice. With slots for both types of memory (CompactFlash and SecureDigital). I just couldn't believe someone made this thing. It's a geek's dream!

The I think it might be possible to actually read eBooks on that thing without eyestrain. I've been actually considering buying the hiebook because I'm sick of reading eBooks at my desk and this seemed like a cheap solution. Oh, that was the thing about the Sharp here. It was retailing for close to �900!!!! Unbelieveable.

Man, for those days of yore when I had "disposable income"...


Later... Holy crap... just out of pure coincidence (or is it? Did I read this and then forget?) James Strachen is talking about Missle Command on his Zaurus in a response to Henri's post about it!!! Cool. You lucky sons-of-guns!

The Zaurus is just neato. Henri's even online with his. Makes you realize how pathetic Palm's new OS5 offering really is.

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