You Lose Some

Sadly, Carlos also points to the disappointing EJB results from TheServerSide's latest J2EE Petshop vs. .Net Petshop comparision:

TheServerSide presents a pretty damning report about EJB servers. They compared 2 EJB servers (most likely Weblogic and Websphere) against a .NET server implementation. TheServerSide modified and improved the Java Pet Store blueprint. Unfortunately, the results were pretty dissapointing. In essence, the .NET servers performed at least twice as fast and could handle at least twice the load as compared to the EJB servers.

Oof. That smarts... I agree with the rest of what Carlos has to say about the the laundry list of problems with Entity beans... but still. If Sun is recommending a solution, it should be the fastest, most scalable solution there is.

Rickard, however, thinks the report is flawed somehow (It's another consipiracy!) We'll have to stay tuned to see what he's on about. ;-)


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