This blog temporarily interupted

I got CABLE!! YES!!! WOOHOO! Like 30 channels baby! Some even in English (and a non-working option to change the language on others). WHOOHOO!

It's a long story why we didn't have satelite TV (more normal here) or cable (very rare) here before... I'll save that for another blog. Right now I'm connecting cables and vegging it. YAY!

CNN! I haven't seen CNN since my last vacation! What's that scrolly thing at the bottom of the screen?


Later... We're actually enjoying our new cable right now and we're not even watching TV. The cable box is very modern - it's like the satelite box I had a couple years ago: hovering menus, picture in picture, etc. In the 500 range of the channels, are a bunch of radio stations. I hooked it up to our stereo (disconnecting our DVD player...hmm...) and we're now listening to Radio Nacional Clasicos in digitally clear stereo... it's awesome.

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