Greg's Up, FreeRoller's Down

Woohoo! Greg's got his own self-hosted PersonalBlog up and running. Way to go Greg! I have the pleasure of being the first referrer and commenter on his new blog. Ahh, so nice.

The First Referrer!

I hereby officially annonunce that Russ is The First Referrer, The First Reader, and The First Commenter of this blog (in this very order). We, "Europeans," must stick together, you know :-)))

You have no idea how it cheered me up. Strange, it's not my first blog, but when you're hosting one yourself, it's a much closer relation. Almost like a writer and his favorite writing paper and pen. Or a favorite laptop :) At least that's what I imagine, I'm none of a writer myself.

You're good enough a writer for me Greg! In non-native toungue even! Heh. I'm an honorary European now... whodathunk?

Now we've got to figure out what's UP with FreeRoller!! Someone send Anthony some more memory, shheeez.


Later... Greg says: "By the way, could you very kindly add the nifty "Manywhere" icon to "my" link in your "Links" section? To be honest, that was another reason to choose PersonalBlog :)"

Ha! Greg! Compliments will get you everywhere! ;-) Woohoo!

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