Linux Server Weekend

Yeah, I know I said LAST weekend was my server-fixup weekend, but we have a 3 day weekend here in Spain, so I'm going to try to be somewhate productive despite the TV.

The first thing I'm going to do is share out my install for Jeff and Jason so they can save some effort in their move to JohnCompanies. I haven't heard from Jason, but Jeff's in the thick of it right now it seems:

Moving to
I ordered an account at I haven't had a single problem with This was just too good of a deal to pass up.
This means it might be a bit quite as I get things work on the new server.

and a day or so later:

The thing I've noticed the most is how much stuff now requires you to have a web browser. I was trying to get a binary version of lnyx on my account, but I never did find a version that was on a FTP site. I tried the build it, but I didn't have ncurses, whatever the hell that is... Ok, I'm Windows bigot. At least, I'm trying. Don't even think of flamin' for this... Russell, if you haven't died laughing your ass off at this... feel to offer up any suggestions.

Jeff thinks I'm sort of Linux expert, god I wish. I don't like MS because I don't have control over most of what's going on, but Linux gives me waaaay too much. Trust me when I say that I feel your pain and am NOT laughing at all... I need to fix some of the mail stuff this weekend and install Spam Assasin as well as do some backups, get my startup scripts working etc. and I'm not looking foward to it.

But hey, while I'm in there, I'll share out the downloads I did (Lynx, Java, Orion, etc.) and my setup you can copy. I won't say it's perfect, but it'll get you rolling...

I love Linux a ton. Especially on the server. If you think about what we're doing - setting up a web/ftp/email server from scratch securely from 2000 miles away via the command line only, it's a pretty incredible platform. No reboots needed ever. Great uptime. Wonderful. Windows just doesn't compete. That doesn't mean it's not a PITA sometimes. ;-)


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