Cross those fingers

Wouldn't it be sooo nice to see Microsoft get nailed by the judge today? It won't happen, I predict, they'll sneak through again with no real remedies for their monopolistic practices. But there's always hoping!

Here's a guide to what's at stake for Microsoft.

The nine nonsettling states say the settlement is full of loopholes, won't introduce competition or deprive Microsoft of the "fruits" of its practices. Under their remedy plan, Microsoft will have to make the software code for Internet Explorer open source, as well as make it possible to port Office to other operating systems, such as Linux. A stripped-down version of Windows that would allow PC makers to add applications "cafeteria style" is part of that. The nonsettling state remedies include interface disclosure and antiretaliation provisions similar to those in the U.S. settlement.

It'll be published in a couple hours...


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