A Marvelous Mind

I'm not a big Russell Crowe fan, but we just bought "Una Mente Maravillosa" on DVD to watch it because we never got a chance to see it before. I hate buying DVDs we haven't seen before because they could suck, then you own a sucky DVD. I also bought the Back To The Future trilogy, of which the last two suck. But that's okay, the first one was great.

Actually, the one good thing about Russell Crowe is that his fame here in Spain has helped the problem with my name. Understand that the Spanish language is pronounced EXACTLY the way it's spelled. Also understand that there are no double s's in words and double l is only found inside words and sounds like a y. Thus my name is Spanish equivalent of brztkwlggggt... or at best, it's pronounced rooosul.

Now at least people will understand when I say my name and say, "Oh. Like Russell Crowe". Yeah, like him *withering smile*.

I'll report on the pic afterwards.


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