My evening...

Oof. What a long day...

I returned my other portable MP3-CD player and bought this one which just went on sale, Sony D-CJ501S. It's pretty rocking. Much more advanced that that other thing... to save battery life, it loads the songs into memory and stops the disc spinning during playback and it'll randomize songs from different albums (folders) unlike my old one and other stuff. Very cool, though there is too long of a pause while starting up and in between songs, but I'll live. That's where an iPod would really rock.

Anyways, I did that after I went to the best technical book store in Madrid, Cocodrilolibros to buy "Applying UML and Patterns" which I need for the UML test I'm studying for. (Search on the left for UML and you'll see what I'm talking about). Then I got home around 9:00 p.m. or so, just in time for another phone interview from Philadelphia. This time the subject was "How do we know you're really going to stick around?" My resume is a bit varied (*cough*) and my potential new boss wanted to know what the deal was. The deal is that at one point I was making big bucks changing jobs all the time, but now the go-go days of big-bucks consulting are long past for me. Give me a job with a future. They're flying out to Madrid next week and we're going to have an in-person interview. We'll see how it goes - I'm not too worried, it should be a cake-walk in comparision to interviewing in Spanish.

Okay, one more post and off to bed.


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