Link Love Redux

Hey! Joi really liked my linking to his link to me! Yeah! In the spirit of total ridiculousness, I'm returning that recursive link love with some more. ;-)

The links go round-and-round... and the procrastination goes on-and-on

Ruseel Beattie's excited that I blogged his blog. So I blog him again since I'm excited that he blogged me. I found a bad link on John Patrick's Blog so he was nice enough to put a link back to me. (This entry is a perfect excuse to return the favor. ;-) ) And as the links go round-and-round, and our google rankings go up-and-up, it feels great, but are we really getting anywhere? Well, the discussion about the Semantic Web is important and slightly relevant to what I do for a living.

I'll tell you something, seriously... link love is directly responsible for the interview that I'm going through right now which could potentially triple my current Spanish salary. Upping my Google rank flows to everything on my site, including my projects, photos, and most importantly my resume. That's how they found me. This is ALL good which is why I always appreciate the flow (even with the creative spelling of my first name).

The Semantic Web is pretty interesting too, no doubt. I was turned onto to it lately by the side comments on Mitch Kapor's Chandler project. I guess they're using an RDF database to keep track of the data that flows through their system. Very interesting... if only I had any clue what the hell that meant. ;-)


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