Republicans Suck

Hi Googlers, this post is from the 2002 mid-term elections. The updated Republicans Suck 2004 post is here.

I have no idea how anyone can be a Republican and sleep at night. If you're reading this blog and you're a Republican, go do something else today, I'm annoyed at you. I hate that party and everything it stands for. Pretty much everything bad about the U.S. is the Republican's fault.

If you're a Democrat, please vote today. If you're undecided, you're a bozo because that means you think the Republicans are somehow as bad as the Democrats. It's always a contest of lesser evils, but the Republicans are so much worse than the Demos it's not a question. Get a clue and go vote Democrat. It's bad enough to have that Republican idiot as our President, please don't let him have a congress to go with it.

In case you've somehow gotten lost remember these fundamental issues: War with Iraq (Repubs want one). Right to Choose (Repubs don't want you to have one). Gay Rights (Repubs don't want those either). Big Business (Repubs think they're just spanky - yes, even Martha Stewart). Religious Freedoms (Yeah, right. In their God They Trust, but not yours). Environment (hahahaa. Man, I'm cracking myself up). Gun Control (Rebubs think happiness is a warm gun). National healthcare? Welfare? Nope. The Republican party is all about doing what they can to help themselves and their buddies.

The Republican party makes the WORLD a worse place to live. Please do what you can to stamp them out.

I hope I made my views abundantly clear.


Later... CNN-International is on in the background and it looks like the assholes have taken over the Congress again. Joy. Suddenly I'm not as excited about having cable anymore.

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